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Beth Gahbler

UX Designer & Writer
+49 (0)177 571-6784

LinkedIn: Elizabeth Gahbler

I bring a broad range of experiences, skills, and passions to the table, cultivated from work as a researcher, creator, and teacher of college curricula; as a musical performer; and as a translator, writer, and editor for small and large companies in fields ranging from the arts to mechanical engineering.


Moving to Germany gave me an appreciation for cultural and linguistic diversity plus a foreigner's view of my native country and country of residence. This dual perspective has many advantages for UX work, e.g. in regard to research, or asking why something is the way it is.

My focus is on satisfying and delighting customers - whether students, audiences, or businesses - by creating content that's easily understandable and engaging. 

I complement my research and analytical skills with empathy for users and great organizational, collaborative, and storytelling abilities.

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